100 Horses Are Trapped On An Island, Then 7 Women Do The Unthinkable

As brave as it can get...

#3 An Outline

#3 An Outline

There can be nothing better then helping a few helpless animals who are in danger. They can't talk like us and therefore they can't shout for help but its our duty to help them. This is exactly what happened in this story. In 2006, nearly 100 horses were stranded on a small island in the Netherlands. A huge storm surge pushed seawater into the earth outside the dikes of Marrum, a town 90 miles from Amsterdam. They were in trouble.

Before any heroic deed could happen, nineteen horses drowned or died of exposure on the muddy knoll that was turned into an island. This was just sad. International press began to pick up the story of the Great Netherlands Horse Rescue, yet authorities' efforts to rescue the horses continued to fail. To know what happened with all the remaining horses, keep reading ahead...

#2 Rescuing The Horses

#2 Rescuing The Horses

Rescuing the horses wasn't easy. In order to save the horses, rescuers would have to lure the stranded herd through receding floodwaters to safe ground, all while riding horseback. No one thought it could be done in a safe and controlled manner. It was Indeed complicated.

But when everyone thought that there's no hope left, a miracle happened. It took place on on November 3, 2006. On the third day, the water was expected to rise with the next storm. This would ultimately destroy the horses. In the meantime, the horses were growing weaker by the minute and were on the brink of giving up. Only experienced riders with horses without fear of "water" could attempt such a harrowing rescue. So who were these riders and how did they saved horses? Check all of this on the next page...

#1 The Video

Just so that you know, 7 Women rescued all the horses. The all-female riders - Susan, Micky, Antje, Hinke, Christina, and Fardow - heeded the call. They met the next day to bring the horses to safety. Unbelievable, right? Forty-year-old Norma Miedema is considered the unsung hero of the rescue. She was the first person to contact the authorities, refusing to relent until the horses were saved.

Several women on horseback guided the animals back to safety 650 yards away, and the entire herd except one horse followed without hesitation. Norma, who ended up suffering from pneumonia, remained on-site the day of the rescue to help transport the horses. The six women (ages 19 to 40) who rode that day were honored by their government for their bravery and courage. They risked their lives, riding into freezing flood waters and hazardous territory. This is just the perfect ending that anyone could've expected. The last remaining horse was led back later that day, escorted by riders. It collapsed after reaching shore, and was attended by veterinarians. All the horses were saved!!!

This is a perfect example of the strength that women possess. Check out the video to see this entire operation!

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