10 Real Life Scariest Stories To Have Ever Happened To People!

I sincerely hope you are strong enough to read the dark. I dare you.

#10 Muppets And Car?

On my way to a camping trip, we passed by an old, painted up car with decorations of muppets and stuff on it. It was obviously owned by a crazy person, and didn't look like it could possibly go more than 50 mph.

Without stopping, we passed the exact same car 40 minutes later.


#9 Stop It!

When I was a kid, I woke up in the middle of the night to my bed shaking. Normally that would scare the crap out of me, but instead I was just kind of annoyed. I rolled over and muttered, "Stop it."

The shaking stopped immediately. Then a male voice spoke right beside me, saying: "Sorry." That's when I freaked out. I'm pretty sure my childhood house was haunted.


#8 Car Against Car

When I was 16 AKA the "I know everything, I'm invincible and you can't stop me" age, I got in a fight with an acquaintance while a whole bunch of us were hanging out at his house. Stupid fight, can't remember what about, but I decided I was going home. I lived about 5 miles away, but I didn't have a car, and since it was 2am, there were no buses. That meant I had to walk home.

In the middle of the night, through a not-as-safe-as-it-seems neighborhood, as a tiny 16 year old girl.

I left the house and started hoofing it. About a mile out, the suburban neighborhood melted into a main street, with highway access. I started to notice a greyish minivan following me. It would follow me, pass me, turn a corner, and about 3 blocks later, it would do the same thing.

I crossed over to the other side of the street so I was walking the opposite of traffic flow, and thus no car could come up behind me. It kept doing it, on the other side of the street. About a mile later, there was a 24-hour grocery store. I immediately crossed the parking lot and went to head inside.

Just before I got to the doors, the minivan that had been following me pulled up. A guy called out from the driver side and said:

"I don't want you to walk over here, just stay there and listen. I just wanted to let you know what I was doing. I saw you walking a while back, but I also saw a dark car that was following you. A couple of times you went to turn around, or stopped, so it started following you down a parallel side street. When I saw it, I started to follow you both, just to make sure you were safe. Go inside the store, and call someone to come pick you up."

He waited until I was inside the store, and then pulled away. I didn't have anyone to call, so I just let the night cashier know what was going on, and hung out with her for about an hour and a half. Then I finished the walk home.

I've never forgotten the incident, or that man, whoever he was. During the walk, I never saw the dark car he mentioned, but I've always been convinced he saved my life that night.


#7 Find that phone!

I was home alone once while my parents were out of town. We had just moved into our house, so there was an empty lot next door, with a house half built. My parents were the types to leave the garage door unlocked - stupid, I know.

Well, while they were gone I was watching TV, when all of a sudden I heard the inside garage door begin to wiggle like someone was trying to open it. I put my TV on mute and went to investigate. The second time, I actually saw the handle move.

I start freaking out and I'm kind of in shock. I can't find the house phone, so I search for my cell. Our house was so new, my mom hadn't even put blinds or drapes up in the kitchen or living room.

Well, whoever had been trying to get in through my garage door starts banging on the windows in my living room. Again - no blinds or phone. At that moment, I realize this guy is seeing my every move, so I shoot upstairs.

He then starts pounding on my front door. I can tell at that point, he's using something metal or plastic by the sound of the thumps. I really thought he was going to shoot my door open.

At that moment I was pissed at myself for being a stupid teenager who frequently talked on the phone because I always just left it lying wherever and now I couldn't find it when I really needed it.

I then remembered I left the phone in my mom's room, and as I passed the hallway to her room I saw two people pacing in front of my house.

I finally found the phone and dialed 911. As I'm on the phone, the window breaks.

I'm upstairs and am scared to death. Suddenly everything goes silent. I'm waiting in my parents pitch black closet for what seems like an eternity, until at last I hear the sirens.

Cops show up but there is no one to be found. I figured that they hadn't gone too far since it had just occurred, but they were never found. On the plus side, the company building the house next door hired overnight security to stay on our street until the house was built which was definitely reassuring.


#6 Oh My God!

I was sitting in my room at like 11:30 pm, when I heard lots of commotion downstairs. I just assumed it was my mum. I heard her walking up the stairs toward my room, so I called out to her.

She didn't answer. I heard her stop, pause awkwardly, turn around, and walk back downstairs. It was odd, but I didn't think much more of it.

I went downstairs about half an hour later to find a piece of paper with the words "You're lucky I was scared too" on it, and a whole bunch of stuff was missing.

I called my mum, and she still hadn't arrived home from a dinner she was at with her friends. I called the cops and locked myself in the bathroom.


#5 Light

I'm a cop here. Gone time we got dispatched to a suspicious conditions call.

Picture an abandoned single wide trailer in an empty field. The trailer had a single light on inside. The 911 caller said the trailer has been abandoned for years and no electricity is running to it. My partner and I figured it was just someone squatting.

We walk up to the trailer and the light suddenly goes out. Guns out: someone is definitely inside.

We throw open the door, identify ourselves and begin to sweep the trailer. Back door is shut and locked from the inside. Trash everywhere, but nothing recent. No lanterns or candles - nothing.

Feeling real weird now, we leave to go back and talk to the caller. As we're walking across the field, we look back... The light is now back on in the trailer. My partner is trying to be professional, but I do not mess with the paranormal, - cops die first in scary movies. We high tail it out of there and we've never been back.


There was zero power running to the trailer. Nothing behind the trailer but field. NOBODY was in the trailer and no one could have come out except the door we went in. Trust me: I wanted it to be just a transient or some kids. It wasn't.


#4 What Happened?!

A few years ago my family moved to New Hampshire. First off, let me explain that the basement had a door that you could open in the backyard and that the door was made out of plywood -if someone wanted to break in, they could have.

Well, me, my three sisters, and my brother were in the living room one night My brother was trying to scare everyone and starts saying he can hear things coming from the basement. Finally he gets up and opens the door to the basement.

Much to our surprise, we see someone's shadow and hear someone running at full speed down the basement stairs. We scream bloody murder, and our step dad comes down. He checks the basement and there is no one is there. The outside door was still intact.

Ever since then the dog won't go into the living room or the basement.


#3 What the?!

My sister and her husband and her had just had their first child a few months before this happened. My brother in law was working the graveyard shift while my sister stayed home taking care of my nephew.

Around 2am, she heard loud knocking on her back door. She went to go check it out and saw a lady banging on the door asking for my sister to let her in.

The lady told my sister that she lived down the street. She claimed her husband had just beat her and was looking for her. My sister was hesitant to let her in since she had a newborn in the house and didn't want to interfere.

She told the lady that the best she could do was call the police for her. The lady told my sister not to call the police and to just let her in. This is where my sister got suspicious.

She went to get her phone and called 911. When she went back to the door, the lady was gone. The police arrived a few minutes later and they told my sister that the same situation happened a few streets down. Apparently the couple would do this act to get into peoples homes.


#2 Elevator Please

This happened on a previous job site with a building that was still under construction. The only floors that were occupied were the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th.

One time I was alone inside the elevator going to the 6th floor when randomly it stopped and opened on the 3rd floor.

Normally I would think nothing of it, but I had heard rumors that a ghost child was playing around on the vacant floors. So I pressed the 'close' button as I fast as I could.

When the door was closed, I heard noises like someone was tapping their fingers on the walls of elevator.


#1 When a dead woman calls

I used to work as a 911 operator in a relatively large metro area. One night at about 3 am or so I answered a call from an elderly lady who said she didn't feel good. I tried to get more info about what was wrong - chest pain, trouble breathing, headache, is she diabetic, etc.

She gave me her address and phone number and said no one else was home but the front door was unlocked so they could come in. I toned the call out as "general illness." No matter what else I asked about what was wrong, all she would say is "I just don't feel good, can you send someone to help me?"

After a few minutes she said "I'm gonna put the phone down for a minute, I need to go to the bathroom."

I tried to get her to stay on the line with me, but she said "I'm gonna put the phone down." And that was it. I stayed on the line and asked for her every so often but got no reply.

A couple minutes later one of the firefighters called over the air with a weird tone and said "Dispatch...uh how exactly was this call received?" I told them the call was from the patient's home phone approx 8 min ago. He didn't respond over the air, but called the desk from his cell phone.

On the phone he said "are you sure this wasn't a third party call from a family member or something?" I said "negative, caller advised 'I don't feel good' Have you made contact?" He said "She was in the bathroom like you said, but she's probably been dead for about 12 hours. Cold to the touch, fully livid, full rigor."

Afterwards we pulled the tapes of the radio and phone calls and checked the time stamps, address, phone number, and went over everything a few times to see if I missed something. Nothing. The phone was still in the living room and the patient was dead in the bathroom.

I took a call from a dead woman.


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