What Happens If You Don't Switch Your Smartphone To Airplane Mode During Flight

This is what really happens if you don't put your smartphone into flight mode/airplane mode while flying.

You may have travelled a lot by air and may have been several times told and warned to switch your smartphone to flight mode or aeroplane mode.

Although we’re in a tech-savvy globe - regardless of that there’ll always be a limitation to utilising the services.

Have you ever wondered why the flight attendants on board ask you to switch your devices to aeroplane mode? Did you ever imagine what would happen up in the air if you didn’t put your smartphone in aeroplane mode?

Most of us may feel it is unnecessary to switch to airplane mode during flight. Some of us even feel that doing it is such a waste of time as it achieves nothing as it doesn’t interfere with plane’s electrical and telecommunication systems and is not a matter of life and death, some think it can cause occasional disturbance not leading to a crash for sure.

So, what is the truth?

Let’s find out what exactly happens when passengers or crew on the flight don’t switch their phones to airplane mode!

A pilot said that transmitting mobiles can cause audible interference on an aircraft’s radios. Those problems are something like the noise that can be heard when a smartphone rings near to a speaker: a slow, percussive thumping. But instead of coming out of a speaker it can be heard through the headsets that are worn by pilots.

Further, he also continues by saying that if 50 people on the plane did not turn their smartphone onto flight mode, it would cause a lot of “radio pollution.”

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The reason for prospective safety concerns is due to the fact that when you are more than 10,000 feet in the air, your cell phone signal bounces off multiple towers and sends out a stronger signal. This is something that might congest the networks on the ground. But, there has never been a case of a cell phone causing a plane to crash.

Also, if you leave it on, it annoys pilots and causes an unpleasant sound for air traffic controllers.

So, when you are flying next time, it is advisable to stick to the rules onboard.

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