iPhone Users! Got Storage Problem? This Simple Trick Is Your Salvation!

Got an iPhone? Then, you gotta be reading this!

#3 The Dilemma

#3 The Dilemma

Everyone's got cell phones nowadays and most(if not all) of them got storage problem.

Remember that time when you could have taken that perfect picture or selfie? But your phone wouldn't let you and kept saying 'Not Enough Storage' for new pictures? Been there? Done that? Most of us have.

No matter how bigger a storage you have on that phone of yours, it will get filled up(we are after all in a generation where one takes n photos of a sandwich). Fret not, there's a solution right here for you poor souls!

#2 Simple Solution

#2 Simple Solution

From the aptly named Lifehacker comes the golden yet simple advice on how to get more storage on your phone(Pssst....just because you get the extra space, don't misuse it! Use it wisely).

The common cause of all our storage woes is because of the big apps we have on our phone. But what do you do when you absolutely need that extra space? Read on!

First, choose an app that is much bigger in size than the free storage space you have(Lifehacker makes the suggestion of an app called Hearthstone, which takes up 1.89GB). Don't worry, once you delete the app, the iPhone will free up some space for you.

Read on to know the next step!

#1 The Trick

#1 The Trick

When you need the space, try downloading a big app and as it downloads, head to settings where Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Available.

Here, you will see the storage space go up and down. Gradually the size of all the application sinks. After the space is freed up, cancel the Hearthstone application download or wait until it downloads and then delete it.

It's said a tech tester who had 700 MB free space, after doing this trick got 2.29 GB available memory.

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