Why Commercial Airline Washrooms Have Cigarette Ashtrays in them? Here Is The Answer

Finally we know why!

#2 Airplanes

#2 Airplanes

Travelling in a plane is a luxury more than convenience. When you pay so much for a journey, you expect every possible luxury in return. Good seat, good food, good treatment etc is still logical, but have you ever wondered Why Commercial Airline Washrooms Have Cigarette Ashtrays in them?

Some smart logical people would say that ashtrays are there to dump ash. But neither is this funny, nor the correct answer as it is a plane we are talking about where even mobile phones aren't allowed to be on, they would surely be 'NO SMOKING' areas as a whole. SO what is the answer? To know that, check out the next page...

#1 The Reason

#1 The Reason

The reason behind this ashtray on No Smoking Airplane is Bizarre. When an airline was approached regarding the mystery, they explained that there used to be a single compartment for trash in the lavatory, and since toilet papers are used, the garbage mostly consisted of discarded toilet paper. Now people don't follow rules and chain smokers are known to use the lavatories for smoking, and they used to dump the burning cigarette butts in the trash cabinet that is full of inflammable toilet paper.

We have a real life example of this incident. So, in 1973, Varig Flight 820's passenger cabin was engulfed in smoke after a fire was started in the lavatory due to blazing toilet paper while it was travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. 123 people died in the tragic incident and ever since, Federal Aviation Authority has made it compulsory for all on board lavatories to have a separate compartment for disposing cigarette butts. The FAA knows that both workers and passengers will violate the ban from time to time, and a separate ashtray will ensure that a disaster like this will never happen. Immensely practical and smart, isn't it?

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