When This Lamborghini Took On A Corvette Z06 My Jaw Dropped

Speed at its best...

#2 Love For Speed

#2 Love For Speed

Speed is one of the most important elements of adventure and thrill. If you are a speed admirer, you are going to love this and in case you aren't a speed fan, you will fall in love with speed after you see this.

When 2 giants decide on competing against each other, all you should do is sit back and enjoy the sight. So, have you ever seen 2 super cars competing against each other outside the racing track?

How about Lamborghini against Corvette Z06? Who do you think will win?

Keep reading ahead to know the winner and see the video ahead without fail!

#1 The Race

Just sit back and relax because we are about to show you something that will fasten your heartbeats. This scene looks like an extract from a Racing movie but it isn't. This is very much real.

Some Lamborghini driver thought he could beat a Corvette Z06 in a quick little race. Was it a good idea? See what happens and who wins in the video below. The result is brilliant. Let us know your views about the this race and tell us about your personal encounter with speed by commenting below.

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