What This Adjustable Wrench Can Do Is Unbelievable. This Is Every Engineer's Dream.

This unusual wrench is any day better than your regular Wrench. Checkout how...

#3 Wrench With A New Touch

#3 Wrench With A New Touch

One of the most important things that you should definitely have in your house is a tool box. The current set of wrench that you have in your toolbox might be good but this one is better. Right from the looks to its utility, this wrench scores better than the one in your toolbox currently.

The point is that a wrench is almost 200 year old product in the market but no one has ever thought of improvising its design but now finally, Jon Steranka from Seattle has added a new touch to this amazing product. So how is this wrench different from the other wrenches available in the market?

Keep reading ahead to get this answer.

#2 A Wrench Or A Camera?

#2 A Wrench Or A Camera?

What if we tell you that using this wrench is more like using a Camera? If you know how a camera mechanism works, you'd be aware of the fact that its lens adjusts itself according to the focus.

Just like a camera lens, here, a wrench adjusts itself according to the nut that needs to be fiddled with. The similarities does not end just here.

There is also the rare luxury of a light surrounding the aperture of the wrench so that you get to see the nut you are trying to unscrew. But this comes with a slight drawback.

Keep reading ahead to know about that...

#1 The Drawback

#1 The Drawback

This new and advanced wrench makes sure that your life is simplified in your workshop. You don't need to shout the different sizes of the wrench to your assistant while you are unscrewing all the nuts under your car. This single wrench will be all that is needed!

However, it comes with slight little teething drawback that Steranka hopes to overcome soon enough. Also, this wrench is little expensive compared to the other wrenches available in the market. But we know the reason for that.

If you happen to try this wrench, let us know about your experience with it.

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