What Is This Mathematical Magic? Watch As This Woman Makes Almost Any Shape With One Cut

I can't believe this, even you wouldn't...

#2 Maths

#2 Maths

Maths is irritating and difficult but not Magical! But wait till you read this entire piece. You can do this magical thing with some basic knowledge of Maths and stun your friends. All you have to do is what Katie Steckles does. She is a Manchester based mathematician who was recently trying to cut a square out of a piece of paper.

Rather than doing what the majority of us would do (cut a freaking square out), she began to wonder what the most efficient process for that would be. Her findings were staggering. Its all about Maths. Check out her findings in the video on the next page!

#1 The Video

So as we were discussing earlier, Katie Steckles Has found the most effective way to cut the shapes merely with Mathematical Knowledge. The method is known as the "Fold-and-Cut Theorem." It first appeared in 1721, and later confirmed by MIT, and states that any shape made of straight lines can be created with one cut.

But hey, that is possible only if you can find the proper way to fold and cut the paper. Check out the video to see the steps of doing this. Take a look!

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