What He Does With Cardboard Will Make You Throw Your Rake In The Garbage Forever

We're all dummies for not thinking of this before.

#2 Rake Leaf

#2 Rake Leaf

In terms of beauty, the best season that we experience has to be Autumn. Leaf piles in the fall are pretty much the best part of the season. All of us like the visuals of leaves lying around but how many of us actually take this pain of clearing the mess that gets accumulated around us while the season is at it's best? What about those leaf composts?

Well, by the looks of it, No one in general is interested in the cleanliness part. We always wait for someone else to clean the roads. But putting in the manual labor to arrive at those pillow mounds isn't an easy feat. Therefore, here we show you the quickest way to clean the mess of all those leaves. This DIY is as easy as making a Phone case for yourself. Check out the video on the next page to know that.

#1 The Video

What this man in the video does is brilliant. We've seen tons of machines that are used to clean the pile of leaves from the ground but all those machines are fairly expensive. But there is no need to worry as the technique in the video is brilliant.

This man in the video uses a cardboard to clean the mess. And the way he does that deserves an applause. This technique won't even cost you much. So checkout this video and learn the quickest way to rake leaves without using any expensive machines.

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