Watch What Happens To A Human Body When It Is Hit By A Taser Gun

The Slow Mo Guys are at it again! This time they visited the city of Scottsdale situated in the American state of Arizona to check out the headquarters of the Taser manufacturer. The model that is used in the following video is an X-26 cartridge that is known as IEM or 'Air Taser'.

#3. Introduction

#3. Introduction

As Dave Chappelle proved to the world back in 2004, pretty much everything looks better in slow motion. It doesn't matter what it is - for some reason, even the most mundane things look amazing when you slow them down to a thousandth of the speed (or more).

This awesome video (on last page) of a guy getting tased. Normally, the act of tasing somebody happens so quickly that you can't actually watch what goes on - so all you typically see is the guy going stiff for a few seconds before dropping to the ground. But when you film it at 28,000 frames per second, you can see a hell of a lot more.

And that's exactly what The Slow Mo Guys did. They actually traveled out to Taser HQ with a Phantom V2511 (a ridiculously high-speed camera) to get a closer look at what happens when a person gets zapped, and it's absolutely fascinating.



A Taser or conducted electrical weapon is an electroshock weapon sold by Taser International. It is similar to a pistol if you look at it. It fires two small dart-like electrodes, which stay connected to the main unit by conductors, to deliver electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing "neuromuscular incapacitation".

These can be fired from a distance of just over 15 feet (five metres).

Tasers were introduced as non-lethal weapons for police to use to subdue fleeing, belligerent, or potentially dangerous people, who would have otherwise been subjected to more lethal weapons such as firearms. A 2009 Police Executive Research Forum study said that officer injuries drop by 76% when a Taser is used.

Check out this awesome video on last page.

#1. Video

The video was made by YouTubers the Slo Mo Guys and features Gavin Free using an 'extremely fast' V2511 camera to capture every detail of the test at a rate of 28,500 frames per second at Taser International in Scotsdale, Arizona.

The first test was carried out on a wall; however, the second test was conducted on a human target. The video shows the electrodes making their way to the back of the volunteer and sticking to it while the electrical discharge takes place and the affected muscles' contraction can be seen. As expected, it isn't as fun in real life as it seems in the action movies.

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