Watch This Transport Truck Make An Epic World Record Jump

This is Unbelievable...

#2 Truck

#2 Truck

Have you ever seen a truck flying? I mean, not literally flying like a plane but just in the air for a few seconds? If no, here we give you an opportunity to experience that. Believe it or no, this very heavy truck actually jumped over the F1 car.

That Formula 1 driver needed to have a lot of faith in physics to be confident that the trailer would act in reality exactly as the computer model predicted it would act, since I doubt they jumped that truck twice and did a trial run without the Formula 1 car. The suspension must be shattered after one jump. So this is definitely a very physics oriented stunt. Check out the video further to see this shocking but authentic stunt...

#1 The Video

Talking about this stunt, PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT YOURSELF. This is a very dangerous stunt. While watching this video, the only thing that i was thinking about was the confidence that the F1 car driver had in the truck driver. Even a second's miscalculation would've proven deadly on this instance.

Here, EMC and Lotus F1 Team decided to "Redefine Motorsports" by jumping a giant semi-truck over a Formula 1 car. The result will actually stop your heartbeats for seconds. Check out this video here and let us know about your views by commenting below.

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