Watch How Brilliantly This New Miniature W-32 Engine Works

This is as smooth as it can get!

#2 W-32

#2 W-32

Assembling a perfect, efficient and as smooth as butter engine is not an easy job. But Jose Manuel Hermo Barreiro has done it again. This astoundingly detailed project is the latest micro-build from his workshop. The retired Spanish naval mechanic has been wowing the internet with his intricate mini-motors for years, and this W32 is probably his most ambitious yet.

The reason this project is so ambitious because this project took 2,520 hours. Patelo machined 850 pieces by hand, assembling them with 632 individual screws. That's a tall order on its own, but look how tiny those valve springs are. Check out the video on the next page to see how this works.

#1 The Video

Everyone around the world is talking about this engine. Sure, keeping track of thousands of parts and making sure everything goes together in the right order and to exacting specifications is an exercise in patience and carefulness. But multiply that by ten, and you'd still fall short of the challenge this hobbyist faced when he set out to build a fully functional miniature W32 engine from scratch.

This video shows the engine operating so smoothly, so precisely, that four coins can be balanced atop it even while running. Check out the video and get stunned by this level of precision.

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