Watch As This Ultra Tiny Room Transforms Into A Complete Home

Her use of space is stunning.

#3 Using Space

#3 Using Space

Our home always feels like it's way too tiny. No matter how well we organize our stuff it always feels like we have a lot more things and a lot less space. So how do we make good use of the tiny space provided to us? We use t wisely, just like this man did, or this woman.

This woman who lives in Paris, which has some of the most expensive residency rates in the world could only afford to buy such a tiny living space. This before picture shows you exactly what she saw when she bought this place. How did she make it bigger and better?

#2 86 Sq. Ft.

#2 86 Sq. Ft.

How big is this room exactly? It is 86 sq. ft. in total. Can you even imagine living in 86 sq. ft? I sure can't. Living alone might even be an option, but two people living together might just drive each other crazy!

Thankfully this woman lives alone. She made amazing use of the space available to her by tucking away her things in drawers and behind doors. What trickery is this? How is this possible? The video will explain it all.

#1 The Video

Here is the video. Take a stroll into this lovely home with the mastermind behind it. Everything that you could need is hidden in the walls and rolls out when needed.

The most impressive part is the fully equipped bathroom. The tile is adorable and she used every bit of space perfectly to make it work. The white and wheat artwork is very nice and makes it feel bigger and more open than it actually is. Watch it yourself in all of its glory. Share it to make sure everyone knows that such athing is possible.

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