VIDEO: Prototype 'Rocket Pod' Shotgun Slugs Have A Unique Feature That Surprised This Shooter

If you are a gun lover, this one is for you...

#3 Guns

#3 Guns

Guns are possibly the neatest creation by men. Its mechanism amazes me. The way it is made is simply mind blowing. Anything that can take away a human-life has to be complicatedly amazing.

Tim from Tactical G-Code has beaten himself for stunning custom shotgun slugs with the all new 'Rocket Pod' slug.

#2 The Feature

#2 The Feature

There are certain very unique features in this slug that has amazed everybody. Such brilliant slugs are very rare in the market. They aren't even available for the mass.

Checkout the video ahead to see the features of this rare slug.

#1 The Video

Shockingly the slug did not tumble through the air, but rather it hooked hard to the directly subsequent to leaving the barrel. The bb rendition tumbled more, yet it whistled as it flew down reach.

Checkout the video below to understand what we just said...

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