This Obscure Machine Is Strangely Satisfying, You Won't Be Able To Look Away...

At first glance, you might not know what the hell this thing is. That's okay: We didn't either. However, it actually doesn't matter what it is -- what's more important is what it does.

#2 You Can't Look Away

#2 You Can't Look Away

This video won't let you look away. And it has nothing to do with the machine. Don't get it? Lets start with just what this machine is. This is a braiding machine, created to weave fiberglass into large bundles. But the important part is not what this machine does. But how it does it.

The machine places each strand in its place perfectly and in an orderly fashion. But somehow this machine does this at a continuous speed. This creates a mesmerizing effect that won't let you take your eyes away. It's perfect for hypnotizing your friends. Just go to the next page and let yourself be hypnotized to understand how it works!

#1 Hypnotize Them All!

It's a good thing this video isn't longer than a minute or so, or we'd be watching all day. Play it and just sit back and relax. Feel that? Share this page with all your friends and share the feeling!

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