This Janitor Pulls Off The Most Perfect Prank To Annoy People During Snow

This janitor decided it was time to have some fun while making paths in snow. The end result is just hilarious!

#2 You Can't Stop Laughing

#2 You Can't Stop Laughing

What is satisfying about your job as a janitor? That's right, nothing. It's not a job anyone wants or could do a lot with. But this Janitor doesn't think so. This janitor doesn't take his job too seriously. He misuses his powers as a janitor. Now that's a sentence nobody thought they would ever hear.

Just how did this janitor misuse his powers? I'll give you a hint - It was snowing. The janitor is the man with the shovel. But this janitor is also the man with a plan. He uses the shovel to dig patterns into the snow. Patterns that make the people who walk the path wonder just where they're going. Watch this funny video on the next page.

#1 Who's Laughing Now

People are forced to take the path created by the janitor since there is just too much snow everywhere else. As the funny situations ensue the janitor has his laughs in the background. As the laughter dies down he shovels a new path for his now lost followers to walk down. Watch this video and share a laugh with your friends.

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