You Won't Believe What Happened After A Bird Collided With Airplane

Egyptair 77-866 airplane that was approaching London's Heathrow Airport recently underwent a situation when a bird made a direct hit with plane's nose.

#3 You Won't Believe It

#3 You Won't Believe It

What do you think happens when something as tiny as a little bird runs into a ginormous airplane in flight? Most of us would think the little fella gets crushed to bits and the airplane - not a scratch. Well we're not entirely wrong. The little birdie does get crushed.

Take a look at the picture above. Most people would guess the airplane ran into a wall or rock or something sturdy to have incurred that kind of damage. This is the Egyptair 77-866 airplane that was approaching London's Heathrow Airport but made direct impact with a bird at the plane's nose.

Keep reading to watch whether it caused a disaster and we've also got two videos for you!

#2 You Don't Wanna

So that huge hole you just saw, didn't really cause any major issue in this instance. All of the 70 passengers were unharmed and not even aware of any such happening.

But trust me, when you're so high up in the air, you do NOT want to be flying a plane with a huge hole in it. Here's a plane that was brought down because of it.

Crazy video right? There's an even crazier one coming up! It gives you a feel of the panic from inside the cockpit! Keep reading!

#1 First Hand

Here it is, see it first hand. And pray that you don't ever have to pilot a plane that runs into a bird because at those speeds, these little fellas can do a LOT of damage.

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