This Image Can Trick Your Brain And Make You See It In Color

Perception is a fickle thing. Watch this video to know why.

#3 The Brain

#3 The Brain

The human brain is a fickle organism. Without much rhyme or reason it can show you things that never existed. These brilliant paintings might even make you wonder if you have some sort of a brain injury. But what this video shows you takes properties which our retinas already have and uses them against you.

Our perception is key here. While our perception is what keeps us alert and has helped humans survive for all these centuries. It can also mislead and deceive us.

#2 Color: The Spectrum Of Science.

#2 Color: The Spectrum Of Science.

You try this out yourself at home. This video was featured on the new BBC four series, Color: The Spectrum Of Science. As you can see in the video, that is exactly what they wanted to show you.

Why do we see colors even though there aren't any? The answer lies within your cone cells. Cone cells are one of the two photo receptor cells in your eyes and are responsible for color vision. Normal humans have three types of cones that recognize the three basic colors - Blue, green and red. Overexposure to a single color leads to its corresponding cone to grow 'tired' and unresponsive.

#1 Afterimage

When the color stimulus is removed and the eye is exposed to a black and white image under white light, then the complementary color is perceived for a brief period of time. This trick works because of a simple effect known as 'afterimage'. Try it out yourself and fool your brain. The real question that is raised is do we all see the same colors? Share this with your friends to get the answer to that question.

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