They're Calling It The World's Most Deadliest Bullet, See HOW IT WORKS

This is dangerous...

#3 Bullets

#3 Bullets

Bullets are always perceived in a very negative way. I mean, obviously, they kill people and so they can never be perceived in a better way. But there are several types of bullets. The bullet that we are talking about is the deadliest of all. This bullet is so dangerous that it is fondly referred as 'RIP BULLET'.

Pistol bullets haven't gone any radical changes since they were introduced a long time ago. Especially the end of the bullet that is supposed to strike the enemy and neutralize him hasn't had any radical changes. But, after seeing this RIP bullet from G2 systems, you will be forced to think otherwise.

#2 RIP

#2 RIP

There's a reason why this bullet is called RIP bullet. Radically invasive projectile (RIP) is a formidable weapon to look at with its various jaws protruding from the end. Not only that it looks scary, it is capable of inflicting heavy damage. And with heavy damage, we mean tons of things you can't even imagine. Originally, it was built for gun-wielding women to ward off any predators stupid enough to cross their path.

The company behind this bullet of destruction call it the last round you will ever need. It is easy to understand why.

#1 The Video

Let us tell you how this bullet functions. The bullet causes deep spiral wounds at the point of entry, injuring its victims deep within. Then, the forward momentum of the bullet is used to send the detachable edges ripping into the internal organs and causing fatal injuries. It carries shrapnel everywhere, and it also increases the proximity damage of the bullet. Now with all this, we should even realize that this is a very dangerous bullet invented, and its production must be controlled and not let in the hands of the general public.

The public has had enough public shooting cases and hundreds of people getting injured every day in these unfortunate incidents. So let's just pray that the bullet is used for the right cause. Check out the video of this bullet...

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