These Standard Features On Your Tape Measures Are Tricks You Never Knew About

You won't need a friend to hold the other end anymore!

#2 Better Your Carpentry Skills

#2 Better Your Carpentry Skills

Making renovations and repairs by yourself at your own house might seem like a cost effective option, but it can get tricky. Unlike a carpenter you are not well equipped or well acquainted with your tools. A carpenter has years of experience under his belt. So how can we even the odds and make you better at the task? By giving you these useful tricks and tips of course!

These are all facts about tools you already have at home which you probably did not know about. Simple facts about a pencil, a leveler, and a tape measure that will now make your life much easier. Watch this youtube video by the channel 'See Jane Drill' on the next page to find out what they are.

#1 Watch This

You know the shape of a tape's end? Always wondered why it's shaped that way? Well now you'll know. You can use this hack and make better use of the tape. Watch the video to learn even better tips and tricks by Jane.

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