Tesla Finally Shows How It's Autopilot Sees The World

Tesla has just released a video which shows how it's autopilot works.

#2 The Future Is Here

#2 The Future Is Here

The future is here. To all those who were complaining about the 'Back To The Future' movies lying to us have finally got their answer. This latest invention is one we have been waiting for a really long time. It's the invention of a self driving car.

Who made this lifestyle changing invention? The car manufacturer Tesla Motors did. Tesla has recently become the synonym of innovation in the automobile industry. How did Tesla make this? What does it look like? Go to the next page to watch the video and find out.

#1 Watch How

Elon Musk,CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, confirmed that Tesla's autopilot has received regulatory approval from both the US and the rest of countries(excluding Japan). Even though it was still in it's testing phase this self driving has already helped avoid a lot of accidents. Watch this video and see just how Tesla did it.

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