See This Little Black Device. Check What It Means If You See A Woman Carrying It

Good news for all the women thanks to technology...

#2 The Device

#2 The Device

This world is created for us to live peacefully. We should try and make this world a better place to live in. In a world where people are supposed to feel safe, there's an alarming amount of violence against women, yet we're always at a loss on what we can do about it. The statistics that we have will shock you.

According to the NSPOW, 20 million US women (18% of the population) have been raped in their lifetime. Shocking, isn't it? This is where this brilliant black device comes into picture. Check out how it exactly works in the video on the next page...

#1 The Video

So what is this device? Lets unveil the mystery for you guys now.
ROAR, a company who's primary objective is to fight violence against women. Their first entry into the market is Athena: a smart, simple-looking device that's meant to protect women at the push of a button. How does it work? Well to know that, you'll have to see the video. So take a look and let us know about your view regarding the same by commenting below...

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