People Are Bored Of Waiting At Traffic Light Then One Company Came Up With This Superb Idea

Smart believes that smart ideas can turn the city into a better place.

#2 Keeping You Safe

#2 Keeping You Safe

Nobody likes waiting at stop signs. Who has time for waiting in this busy life? Stop signs just feel like an unnecessary waste of time in such a scenario. Of course that doesn't mean we can do away with them. They are necessary to help protect our own lives. And yet traffic signals are the most dangerous for any pedestrian.

These people had the same concern. How do we make the Traffic signal safer? How do we make the people take the time to stop at a signal? How do we make it more fun? The answer is simple. They used the most expressive and free art form known to man - dance. Go to the next page to find out just what they did. Just like the people at the traffic signals you won't be able to look away. Go to the next page to see how they did it.

#1 A 'Smart' Solution

The YouTube Channel 'Smart' made waiting more entertaining by adding a dancing stop sign. Not just that, the dance that people were watching was performed by an actual person in real time. This is just how creative you can be if you use your head right. Watch and share this video if you want this in your own city!

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