Much to See Inside this Sleek Triangular House

It's hard to believe this is real!

You all have seen big bungalows and houses with a garden inside, having a spacious set of rooms built in many square feet of area. If you look at this sleek triangle shaped home from outside, you can hardly image much space inside. But as said, never judge a book by its cover.

Well, that is the magic inside the house. It features a whole lot of space inside with the help of its designer Mizuishi Atelier in Japan.

The triangle shaped design of the house carries less space to build it. However, the inside space is fully opposite to the outer outlook which is more refined and unique.

If you have looked inside this appealing house, then you will come across a whole lot of space inside the bedroom. Do not simply judge by the size of the house. The cosy bedroom does have a bed inside and also comes equipped with side tables, flower pots, curtains, air condition and much more.

Much space has also being given to living area, kitchen and kids that are mentioned below.

Ace architect Mizuishi has given much space and refined look to the kitchen which is fully designed in an impressive manner. Featuring a small dining table for three along with a refrigerator and other cooking stuff inside.

The architect has especially taken care of the lighting system of this house by putting windows on all corners in order to provide natural light of the sun of which he called ‘sensation floating’.

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