It Looks Like An Ordinary Garden Shed, But Watch When He Opens The Door...

On a normal street... in a normal house... in a normal garden in a normal shed...Not everything is normal.

#3 An Ordinary Shed

#3 An Ordinary Shed

Things are not always what they seem. Just like these amazing paintings by Robert Gonsalves that have many different interpretations, this mystery will blow your mind.

An ordinary suburban home. An ordinary door to an ordinary garden shed. But you would never guess just what is hiding underneath. Looks can be deceiving and this video is proof of just that. Youtuber Colin Furze starts off this video exactly like that. Want to know what's under his shed? Go to the next page and find out.

#2 Zombie Apocalypse

#2 Zombie Apocalypse

What is under the shed? An underground bunker! Colin Furze was asked what would he do in case of a zombie apocalypse? He chose to show the answer instead of just saying it. He brought in workers. Made plans, made a gigantic hole in his backyard, made his bunker and then filled it up.

You can see him going through this entire process on his channel here. The Bunker is hidden in a secret doorway in his shed. The shed which looks like any other shed is littered with an old barbecue and a rug. While it all seems random it is completely not. The rug comes up to show you the bunker of your dreams. Look at the bunker yourself on the next page.

#1 The Ultimate Man Cave

The Video was quick to go viral garnering over 5 million views. What does his Bunker have? Other than food, sewage, water and fresh air supplies? Well, nothing much, just a big-ass flat screen TV with surround sound. A kitchen. Assorted weapons. Everything you need to make the ultimate man- cave!Watch and share this video to share this awesome creation.

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