If You Own A Smartphone, You Should Know These 6 Amazing Hacks

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Today, in this modern world, everyone is having either a smartphone or an iPhone packed with tons of features like the high-resolution camera at the front and rear end, heart rate monitors, access to apps galore and fingerprint screen lock. Even if you are a tech-savvy smartphone user, you would probably not know some tips and tricks to get the most out from your device.

We have compiled this comprehensive guide to the most helpful smartphone life hacks. Although, there are plenty of tips flooded on the internet, but I'm sure these six life hacks (simple and cheap) will change your relationship with your cell phone.

From knowing where to plug your phone to charge it, to protect the phone against sand or water damage while on the beach and/or knowing how to use a phone as a metal detector, you'll get all answers.

As there are numerous apps installed on our smartphone, and if you are a keen lover of watching videos on Vine, YouTube or Worldstarhiphop again and again, then it is recommended to install an app called, Keepvid. This will help you to download and keep all your favorite videos from all the previously mentioned apps at one place.

It can even control the quality of the downloaded videos that gets replicated.

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For those who like to watch videos while eating chicken or nachos, and it gets very difficult to use the touchscreen of your smartphone with your sticky hands. Generally, people feel a lot easier to do this job with fingers, but in that situation, some people prefer to use a stylus, a pen-like object to write and draw anything on the touchscreen.

But, if you don't want to spend a single penny on such things, then a banana fruit can act as a great substitute for the stylus.

So instead of using your knuckles to tap on the screen or other body parts, just grab a banana lying nearby to you and use it to click away!

If you have ever stepped out without your phone charger and worried about the way of charging your phone, then this next hack will really help you to charge your phone instantly.

All you need is a 9V battery, some silver coins, and a car charger.

Place the stack of coins onto the negative point of the battery and connect your car charger onto the positive point.

Now, plug your phone in and see your phone will begin recharging! This hack only works with phone chargers, so don’t try to use it with anything else.

If at any moment, you or your kid had accidentally marked the screen of your smartphone with a permanent marker, and you want a way to undo that damage, then use some WD-40. Spray a small amount of this solution on the affected area and rub it gently with a soft cloth. See, see the magic to have a clear touchscreen.

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I bet you must be unaware of this little-known fact, that if you want to charge your phone quickly, then it is suggested to turn your phone to 'airplane mode'. This will speed up the charging process by 50%.

With this simple DIY idea, you can make a portable charger on your own.

Take three separate stainless steel mini rulers, a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil and non-concentrated sulphuric acid.

Cut cardboard into small pieces identical in size to the metal ruler and then let those pieces of cardboard soak in a bowl of the acid.

Similarly, cut out three pieces of aluminum foil and make a sandwich with the ruler at the bottom, the soaked cardboard piece in the middle and then finally the piece of aluminum foil on the top.

Stack them up until you have used all three pieces and secure them together with some tape. Now, attach some cables to the metal ruler (one positive and one negative). There you make a portable charger!

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