If You Have A Friend Who Brags About Their Puzzle Abilities, Give Them This

This is good!!!

#2 Puzzles

#2 Puzzles

Our childhood was full of board games. We experienced great satisfaction after completing a full game of puzzles. We loved solving puzzles, didn't we? But even after growing up, some people take immense pleasure in solving puzzles. One such example is Clemens Habicht. He decided to take his puzzle in a different direction though.

An artist from Germany, Clemens decided that instead of making a puzzle of a landscape, a painting or another popular such image, he would make one of the entire CMYK color scale. A very good decision I must say. Even you'll say so when you'll see the puzzle. Check out the video on the next page to see the Puzzle..

#1 The Video

This is not your usual and regular puzzle, this is different! One interesting point that Habicht himself has made that is though the closeness in shade of each piece makes the puzzle challenging, it also helps the puzzler in a way.

Since we all are familiar with the color scale to some degree, without looking at any picture, our intuition tells us what kind of piece we're looking for! Check out this video to know about this complete puzzle.

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