I Couldn't Stop Laughing When I Saw What These Construction Workers Did At Work.

Leveling out concrete is of huge importance when it comes to ensuring that the concrete comes out smooth and level when it dries. The concrete buffer is the go-to tool for achieving this. And as a buffer operator, you need to know how to properly control the machine.

#3 The Concrete Buffer

#3 The Concrete Buffer

A Concrete floor can remain uneven and thus cause many problems. A concrete floor buffer can be used to avoid such problems. A buffer helps you maintain your flooring as well as you can. A buffer is responsible for ensuring that the concrete being poured out is smooth or not. It is also responsible for leveling the concrete once it dries.

The Concrete Buffer is the go-to tool for achieving a perfectly flat ground. This video on the next page was titled Concrete buffer gone crazy by the people who uploaded it. It is good for a few laughs. The pure hilarity of the situation is unbelievable. Go to the next page to watch this.

#2 How Does This Even

#2 How Does This Even

Just how did this buffer go crazy? Well there was guy whose job was to ensure that the buffer stays in line. And this still managed to happen. The video was originally uploaded by the Youtuber TheOldCoastie.

He captioned it with the words - "We're glad that nobody was injured in this potentially hazardous situation. If my memory is correct we bought lunch for some of the participants. This was a great construction crew and they built a magnificent facility for us to enjoy every day." Watch the men at work for yourself on the next page.

#1 Watch

Some construction workers are laying down concrete when someone accidentally leaves the buffer on as they walk away from it. Watch as the buffer comically spins out of control, the workers struggling with how to get it to stop.Shar it if it made you laugh

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