Here's How You Can Make Speakers Using Paper And Copper Wires

This is the most enjoyable DIY you'll ever work on. Take a look...

#4 Ear Phones

#4 Ear Phones

If you have some free time and if you wish to utilise it in doing something interesting, we have a thing for you. We have an extremely fun DIY that'll refresh your soul and ears specifically.

We'll be showing you how to make a paper speaker. This earphone cannot be compared toy your original branded ear phones for obvious reasons but never-the-less, they are fun to make

#3 Paper Speakers

#3 Paper Speakers

And just a heads up, these speakers do work properly. So recently, a Youtuber called Plusea made a video on how to make paper speakers. These speakers are miniaturized versions of a magneto-static speaker that is comprised of wires/metal strips bonded to a thin and planar surface.

So just to give you an overview of its mechanism, wires are responsible for carrying audio frequency currents and the interaction that takes place between the current-carrying metal.

Checkout the video ahead...

#2 Magnets

#2 Magnets

In these speakers, the magnet results in the generation of an electromagnetic field that subsequently, generates vibrations and produces sound.

Multiple versions of speaker was created by the creator using merely copper tape, gold leaf and steel wire.

#3 The Video

The speakers are very easy to make. Every time the magnet comes close to the speaker's surface, you can hear Happy Together tunes by The Turtles. Any ways, checkout the video here and learn how to make the speakers.

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