Here's A Second Chance To Those Without Sight! New Bionic Eye Restores Woman's Sight By Successfully Connecting To Brain

A revolutionary invention that will change the lives of so many people.

#5 Sight

#5 Sight

Did you know that by an estimate, 285 million people are blind in this world?

Quite a number huh?

So many people living without seeing, it's like they are missing out something vital in living. Not just them but anyone with any kind of disability. And those are the real heroes that continue to live day by day despite any kind of disability that they might have and make their mark in this world.

#4 Restoring Sight

#4 Restoring Sight

A company called Second Sight which is a developer and manufacturer of implantable visual prosthetics has developed the Orion I.

This gadget for the visually impaired was successfully implanted in their first patient. And it was a success!

The patient was a 30-year-old and the device was implanted in their visual cortex.

#3 Orion I

#3 Orion I

The Orion I was designed as a wireless visual cortical stimulator to restore sight to the blind. In the UCLA trial conducted, the wireless multichannel neurostimulation system was implanted in the patient's visual cortex. And the result?

The patient was able to perceive spots of light without any kind of significant side effects.

Now, the blind people get a second chance to live...but this time with sight. Read on to know more about Orion I!

#2 Modification!

#2 Modification!

According to Will McGuire, President and CEO at Second Sight, "We believe this technology will ultimately provide a useful form of vision for the nearly six million people worldwide who are blind but not a candidate for an Argus II retinal prosthesis."

The Orion I is actually a modification of the Argus II. While the Argus II stimulates the remaining usable retinal cells of the eye itself, the Orion I directly stimulates the visual cortex of the patient and seeks to bypass the stimulation of retinal cells.

#1 Potential

"The Orion I has the potential to restore useful vision to patients completely blinded due to virtually any reason, including glaucoma, cancer, diabetic retinopathy, or trauma," says Dr. Robert Greenberg, Chairman of the Board of Second Sight said.

If Orion I gains FDA approval it can change the life of numerous people affected by blindness. Watch the video to know more!

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