He Hollows Out A Light Bulb With A Screwdriver, Then Proceeds To Create Something Extraordinary

You can make so many things from a light bulb? This is crazy!

#2 Light Bulb

#2 Light Bulb

Playing with a light bulb is the craziest thing possible. First of all, it is made up of glass and secondly, it is very delicate. So playing with it is not at all a good idea. But this man in the video isn't playing with the bulb. He is merely showing us the different uses of a bulb. Well, this world is definitely turning more crazy with every passing day.

It seems like creative people can find a way to re-purpose almost anything. A light bulb, in this case. So what are the different ways in which we can use the light bulb? Well, to know that, you'll have to check out the video on the next page. So take a look...

#1 The Shiny Video

So in the following video, you'll see 5 very different and creative uses of bulbs that you would've never thought of. This guy is crazy. He re-vitalizes the entire utility of a simple light bulb. Creative minds, I tell you! I mean seriously, out of all the things, he is making a light bulb more useful! How cool is that?

Everyone who's gonna watch this video, the guy in the video has used some sharp tools and is dealing with glass, So you guys please do it safely if you are converting your light bulb in any of the things shown in the video. Now take a look at the video...

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