Guy Scrubs His Car Windscreen With Steel Wool. The Result Is Not What You Expect

When it comes to buying a new car, you need to be quite daring. The research has to be done and the time has to be clocked for this project.

#3. Introduction

#3. Introduction

Anyone who has ever owned, maintained, or driven an automobile knows how the windshield can get cloudy looking over time. This film forms because of all the dirt, dust, pollutants, bugs, tar, and other road grime you drive through gets blasted onto the windshield. Some of it sticks to the glass, especially bugs, and some of it bounces off.

A regular car wash will not remove this type of dirt build up. Instead you need to really scrub and work hard to clean it off.

Checkout this easy and effective method to truly super clean your car windshield ahead.

#2. Requirements

#2. Requirements

All that you need is rain-x, steel wool, 2 old cotton t-shirts or rags, and an old pair of cotton socks. Start by taking a steel wool pad and rub it all over the glass. If you use the finest type it won't scratch and it easily removes everything that may be stuck on the windshield including bugs, grime, and even water spots which are notoriously tough to get off.

Check out the video on next page for more tips!

#1. Video

The man in the video suggests that you coat the wiper blades with rain-x as well to help make it last longer since it tends to wear off quicker on the windshield from the blades constantly going across it. He also suggested "Invisible Glass" cleaner be used on the inside of windows because it's superior to regular glass cleaners and doesn't leave streaks.

RVgeeks have created a DIY guide to help you guys keep the windows factory fresh. Check it out below.

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