Ever Imagined How A Cube Resides In Another Cube? This Guy Proved It...

Yes, it is possible...

#3 Cube

#3 Cube

A cube is one of the most complex object in terms of its phases. If you successfully solved a cube in your childhood, your childhood was awesome. But a cube is not only used as a smart game for children but as tons of other things too. You can easily create a gift article out of a cubical.

Generally, you wouldn't go and experiment with a cubical piece of wood, but just out of curiosity, I did some research and what I found is brilliant. This is some amazing stuff. Check out the pages ahead to see what I found...

#2 What Is In The Video

#2 What Is In The Video

So before you see the actual video, let us give you an overview. The man in the video uses one single piece of cube and with some engineering here and there, you get to see a brilliant thing. What you see is unbelievable. There is probably some negotiation with the Earth's magnetic poles or some sort of magic going on here because somehow this guy is able to make a cube inside a cube.

I know it is difficult to believe this but this the truth. Even we couldn't believe it initially but then we saw the video. So it's time for even you guys to see the video on the next page. Take a look..

#1 The Video

I have no idea what's going on in the video half the time but watching the block get shaved to house two independent cubes within each other is pretty damn crazy. Yes, that is in fact very crazy. Try and understand how he did this.

So enough talking now. Time to see the video. Check out the video below and see how a cube resides in another cube. This video is worth a watch.

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