Even 20-Kiloton Explosion Cannot Harm This 11.5 Million Pound Bunker

This is some exceptional stuff...

#4 Underground Bunker

#4 Underground Bunker

The way we humans have terrorized the nature, it seems as if the end of the world is pretty near thanks to attacks and bomb blasts. Not only that, even nature has naturally started behaving weirdly. You can't even predict about any natural disaster. All this sounds really scary, doesn't it?

But then this is when this bunker comes into picture. Which man on this planet doesn't want to own an underground man cave which can not only keep you safe from natural disasters, terrorist attacks and civil disturbances but can also be your ultimate resort when their significant others are not in a good mood. Sounds like a dream house! The privately owned bunker is more than adept to withstand 20-Kiliton of explosions. Yup, it can keep you safe even against nuclear war. To know more about this brilliant bunker, check out further pages.

#3 Facilities

#3 Facilities

When you'll see the Facilities provided in this brilliant underground house, you'll be stunned. This one of a kind luxurious property is situated in near Savannah in Georgia, US. "This property offers the ultimate safe heaven for any family, business or government that wants the ultimate in security and comfort," Chris Salamone, co-owner of Bastion Holdings, a training company for security personnel and the government said. They further continued, "Renovations include amenities that rival any five-star hotel, except located 45 feet underground, impenetrable and undetectable."

This is one of it's kind property. You won't get to see something like this anywhere else. It was renovated in the year 2012 to bring it up to the standards of the government. It is one of it's kind privately owned bunker in the US.

#2 More Features

#2 More Features

I know for a fact that I've already said a lot about the house and I'll keep saying as still, there are tons of things about this house that you don't know. This lavish bunker features a 3 ft-thick walls, a nurse's room, air intake systems, a 67,500 pound CCTV system and decontamination showers. It is settled over 32 acres of land and includes two levels of underground living space, which makes it a total of around a whopping 14,000 square feet.

Amazing, isn't it? There are high chances that this house might just get sold out really quickly. Also, checkout the video on the next page to see the making of this underground house.

#1 The Video

Now we all know how impeccable this property is. Martin McDermott, CEO of Bastion Holdings says "This Facility is impenetrable, while meeting the highest standards for quality, comfort and security. "It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." Get ready to be more impressed by this property because we are about to show you it's making and trust me, you are gonna love every single second of this video...

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