Car Crash Test Being Done At 120 Miles/Hour Will Show You How Horrifying Accidents Can Be!

'Need for speed' leads to 'less chances of living.'

#5 Did you know?

#5 Did you know?

The more speed you use, the more brutal the accident? It's like everytime you speed up, the less likely you are to be alive if you crashed.

To avoid such fatal accidents is why you have speed limits. Crash car tests(destructive testing) are usually carried out by car manufacturing companies to test for safe design standards.

#4 The Germans used to carry out destructive testing.

#4 The Germans used to carry out destructive testing.

But the Russians decided to give it a go. By crash testing a car at 120 miles/hour.

#3 Traditional Crash Speed

#3 Traditional Crash Speed

Germany crash tests a car generally using 40mph and sometimes at 50mph. China does it at 35mph, which makes all of their cars appear safe but aren't quite so. But car crash testing at 120 mph? It's never been done before!

Check the video Ahead.

#2 For those of you who have wondered what a car crash at 120mph looks like...

#2 For those of you  who have wondered what a car crash at 120mph looks like...

The Russian testing snapshots shows you everything. In the video, one car is at 120mph while the another car is stationary. Imagine if both cars were moving at 120 mph.....gone baby gone. The entire crash test footage was filmed using high-speed cameras.

#1 The Video

Watch the might not be so lucky. So drive safe!

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