Brilliant DIY Way How To Make The Coziest Hanging Chair From Scratch, For Real Summer Relaxing

Summer that can't be enjoyed lazing around at home with a cool drink in hand isn't summer at all. We have the perfect DIY for you to do just that.

#3 Here's What You Need

#3 Here's What You Need

DIY's are the trend of the season. Regardless of the actual season this great hammock will be useful for lazing about in all year. Just imagine it. Sitting in a hammock, the healthy sun tanning your body, a cold drink in your hand, sunglasses on your eyes. Its heaven in your own backyard.

Now here's what you're gonna need to make this dream come true:
1. Three 1 1/4th-inch hardwood dowels, 30-inches long
2. Two 5/8-inch hardwood dowels, 36-inches long
3. 200 yards, 1/4-inch macrame cord or rope 8 yards, 1/2-inch rope
4. Four 1-inch wood screws
5. Drill
6. Measuring tape
7. Scissors

Got it all? Great! head on over to the next page to get started with the first step.

#2 Macrame Technique

#2 Macrame Technique

The person who gets the credit for coming up with this awesome DIY is Angie Diersman from eHow. To make her Macrame Hammock she uses macrame technique, which requires knotting cords together. Macrame isn't crocheting but a form of weaving or knotting. Macrame is a centuries-old method used to make furniture, plant holders and other home decor items. Here's how you can use this technique yourself.

Start off by measuring the dowels.While measuring and drilling the dowels, ensure all the holes are level and lined up with each other so that the frame is perfectly square. Drill holes in the dowels. Start with a small drill bit and work your way up. If you have a spade bit or dowel jig, this makes it much easier. Sand the Holes to remove excess wood and splinters. Slide the dowels together to make a square frame


Secure the frame with screws by drilling a small pilot hole where the dowels meet. Using a 1-inch screw, secure the two pieces together. Before starting the macrame, temporarily hang the frame in a place where you can easily stand or sit to knot the ropes. Now the first step of the Macrame process is to wrap the cords around the dowel. Go to the next page to find out how it all comes together at the end.

#1 The Perfect Hammock

#1 The Perfect Hammock

Using the 1/4-inch cord, cut 16 26-foot pieces. It sounds like a lot but as you knot, the cord shortens quickly. Pick up one cord and fold it in half. Wrap the loop around the dowel from the front to back. Pull the tails through the loop. Continue with all 16 strands of cord. Once they're all hanging, you'll have 32 strands.Cross the cords from left to right to create the seat. We'll be using a simple square knot for this task. Starting with the first four cords, take the left cord and cross it over the center two, then under the right cord. Take the right cord and cross it under the center two cords and up through the hole, passing over the left cord. Complete the square knot.

The next row also uses the same square knot but starts with the third cord. You'll be using two strands from each section. When knotting them together, make sure to keep everything even. Continue this until you reach the end of your cords. Now the pattern repeats. Just like in the beginning, tie a square knot with the first four cords and work your way across. Then use the third cord to start the next row. Knot until the seat measures 45-inches long. The finished macrame needs to be longer than the frame.


To attach the ends to the bottom of the frame, wrap all four cords from each section around the dowel and tie a knot. Tie a second knot by splitting the strand into two. Pull it as tight as you can. Cut the ends of the cords to the length desired. You can fray the ends or leave them as is.

Continue with the same piece of rope. String it down through the top of the frame on each side and tie a loose knot, leaving 30 inches in between the two dowels. You want a loose knot because once you hang the finished chair, you’ll need to make some minor adjustments. Starting at the bottom of the frame, string one rope on each side through the hole and tie a loose knot. This time, the knot should be below the dowel with the rope running up. Run the rope all the way up to the top third dowel. Wrap the rope around the dowel and tie a loose knot, leaving 60 inches between the third dowel and the bottom of the frame.

Now you can hang the chair in a more permanent spot using a sturdy hook on your porch or deck. Make sure all the ropes are even. Be certain that the ropes are firm before first sitting on it. There you have it. Enjoy your hammock. Completely free of cost! Share this with all your friends to let them know.

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