Apple Will Buy Back Your Old, Broken iPhone

It looks like it could be a better deal than other sites that will buy your old, broken iPhones.

#3 The Old Days

#3 The Old Days

Want the new iPhone but you're falling short of about a $100-$200? Apple's giving you a way out.

Remember when you wanted to trade-in your old iPhone for a new one and there were all these terms and conditions? Your old iPhone had to be in "good condition" which basically meant the display had to be functional, screen not cracked, diplay functional and all buttons working - reasons for why you definitely not want to get a new iPhone. (Unless you got a lot of buck.)

But according to a source from 9to5Mac, that's about to change. And 9to5Mac has been a very reliable source in the last, so you don't want to miss this.

Read Ahead to know more.

#2 Broke Your iPhone? No Problem!

#2 Broke Your iPhone? No Problem!

Starting this week, Apple itself will buy your old iPhone - and this is the good part - in whatever condition you bring it to the store.

That's right. No more adhering to Brightstar's terms of "normal wear and tear." If you drop your iPhone, break a few buttons or crack the screen, manage to kill even the camera, Apple will still take it back, and buying a new one will hurt you a little less.

Now you can get a new iPhone for a considerable discount and the swap happens right inside the Apple store, in the blink of an eye!

Keep reading to know the value of your old iPhone, because you and me both know you want the new one.

#3 How Much You Save

#3 How Much You Save

Apple is taking their Reuse And Recycle program seriously.

Here's what you can get for your old iPhones:

- iPhone 4S – $50 credit, previously you would get $35
- iPhone 5 – $100 credit, previously $85
- iPhone 5S – $200 credit, previously $175

Here's what you get for your broken iPhones:

- iPhone 5s - $50 credit
- iPhone 6 - $200 credit
- iPhone 6 Plus - $250 credit

In addition, Apple has promised to buyback any iPhone you happen to have at all! Even the first one!

Let's hope 9to5Mac's info is correct so we can all get the new iPhone 6S that we so desperately want, simply because "Not a lot has changed. The only thing that's changed is everything."

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