Airless Tires Are A Step Closer To Its Commercial Production

This is our future!

#2 The Future Is Here

#2 The Future Is Here

Have you ever wondered what our future looks like? This is how our future looks like. Do you see these tires? These are the next generation of tires waiting to take over the world. The old tires that we use are unsafe and tire shops just make them look new. But these new airless tires will definitely be very very safe.

Recently, a series of high speed tests conducted by Hankook iFlex tire helped us take a step closer to the future where tires without air would become a reality. This gadget brings in multiple benefits when compared to its old counterparts.

Keep reading ahead to know all these benefits.

#1 The Test

#1 The Test

To understand the benefits of these tires, we will have to first learn a thing or two about the tests that were conducted. So the tests were divided into five different parts. Slalom, Stability, Hardness, Durability and Speed. To conduct the tests, an electric car was used and the team achieved 130km/h from it without causing any damage to the tires.

The performance was later compared with the performance of our regular tires. These new air less tires are much better. It is safe to say that this is our future of driving for sure!

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