Scientists Claim That This 18-Yr-Old Is The Most Beautiful Woman On Earth

Based on the symmetry of her face, she is the most beautiful woman!

#3 The Scientific Definition Of Beauty

#3 The Scientific Definition Of Beauty

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Well, not scientifically, so! Scientifically, beauty is judged according to the symmetry. And the scientists claim that they have actually found the most beautiful woman on Earth!

Florence Colgate, who comes from a small British town that is on the seaside, has been declared as the most beautiful woman on Earth according to scientists who believe that her face is almost perfect!

#2 The Most Perfect Face

#2 The Most Perfect Face

To win the title of Britain's most beautiful face, she says that she just had to send in a photo of her face with no makeup, which she did and hence won out of 8,000 people.

Contestants who have had plastic surgery were not allowed in the competition as the scientists were searching for the most beautiful natural face.

Florence met all the requirements of a perfect face and so she won! Wanna know what were they? Read on to know!

#1 The Dimensions Of a Perfect Face

#1  The Dimensions Of  a Perfect Face

According to the studies, a perfect face is about 46% of the width of the face from ear to ear. Florence measures at 44%. Another stipulation is that the distance between the eyes and mouth should be a third of the length of your face, and Florence's’ is at 32.8%.

The competition was to highlight the natural beauty and make women feel women comfortable in their own skin! Even Florence feels the same!

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