A Lady With Quintuplets In Her Womb, Millions Were Stunned To See Her Baby Bump!

This is a priceless video to watch....

Rachelle and Jayson were already having two babies, but in 2005, they planned to have their third baby. After difficult four months of trying, they decided to seek help from a fertility specialist and they started with hormone treatment. It finally worked and she got pregnant.

Although the couple was really excited about the potential to have twins, it was a priceless moment for them when they went for their the first ultrasound. The doctor observed that there were not just two babies inside, because she noticed yet another heartbeat.

You will really be surprised to know that how many babies the doctor found in her womb.

A moment later, the doctor announced that she is not carrying just two or three babies inside, in fact, it was, five babies! OMG! This had the couple shocked for a while, but they were happy too. She just shared her feelings by writing a blog.

“I felt almost numb as the doctor tried to explain how this could have happened. The doctor immediately began explaining the risks of trying to carry five babies and strongly recommended that we selectively abort three of the fetuses, to give the remaining two a better chance.”

The video can be found at the foot of the article.

Although having quintuplets is often bleak, the doctor suggested them to reduce the number of fetuses. But the couple were not ready for this, so they spent a few weeks more consulting some other doctors, and all of them strongly recommended the same thing to the couple.

Rachelle then wrote, “I knew that these five babies did not come to me by accident.I knew that God had sent them to me for a reason and that he wants me to do all I can to bring them into this world.”

In the video below you will see Rachelle showing off her gigantic belly at 33 weeks pregnant, while her husband films his glowing wife, and called her, “bigger than she’s ever been.”

Just five days later, on July 31, 2007, Rachelle delivered three girls and two boys. Kassidy, Kaydence, Rustin, Kyndall and Ryder are five bona fide miracles.

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