This Man Is Married To Three Women. And THIS Is How He Keeps Them Satisfied.

Things weren't working out with his first wife, so he bought two more along.

#5 She Was Being Cheated On.

#5 She Was Being Cheated On.

Vanessa Hussle was shattered when she came to know her husband was having an affair. But what was pinching her more was that he was playing around with two women. Their marriage was on verge of being called off.

But she never lost hope and denied to give upon on her love. Three years of marriage and she can clearly see the light at the other end of the tunnel. They were back together, happily once again. But whats more surprising was, they weren't back as a twosome but foursome.

Yes,Paulie, Vanessa's husband couldn't get over the other two ladyloves as well. He said to the 'The Daily Mail UK' "When Vanessa and I began having problems in our marriage and broke up, I started seeing Hazel and then, Lady too. I felt so guilty about what I was doing because I still loved my wife."

#4 Lord Of Wives.

#4 Lord Of Wives.

That's what Paulie, 32, calls himself as he is well settled with his three wives Vanessa, Hazel and Lady. Though only Vanessa is legally married to Paulie, the other two still calls them his wives.

This ladies's man is a father of three, 11-year old and 9-year old daughters from Vanessa and a son from Lady. Now, this is an awesome one! Read ahead to how he managed to convince all the ladies in his life.

#3 It's A Pauliegamy.

#3 It's A Pauliegamy.

Though it was tough for Vanessa in the beginning to settle with mistresses of her husband, but now, they are best of friends. Their love for this Romeo is even inked between the breasts and even hangs around as a squad.

But, Paulie wasn't happy with just three. Yeah, he had two more girlfriend who couldn't mix in well and left him as being 'just friends'.

Paulie finds craziest ways to express his love for all his ladies and has got them t-shirts with 'Sister Wives' and 'Pauliegamy' written on them.

But you must be wondering how he manages to sweep all of the ladies off the ground. Keep reading to know!

#2 He Knows How To Satisfy All At Once.

#2 He Knows How To Satisfy All At Once.

It's clear enough how much he loves his paramours, and is smart enough to keep them satisfied when it comes to making love.

"I have a special calendar on my iPad which I have color-coded for each wife to make sure that I take them on individual dates and give them the attention they deserve. The four of us love to get dressed up and go out for fancy dinners together. People stare at us when we walk into restaurants but we don’t care. Some nights, we leave the kids with their grandparents and the four of us get in the Jacuzzi or have amazing sex together in the living room. I want to make sure Vanessa, Lady and Hazel all get pleasure so I put an album on and I have sex with each of them for the duration of one song." he'd told to The Daily Mail UK.

If that wasn't enough, he also has some piece of advice to deliver! Watch it in the video ahead

#1 All About Pauliegamy.

This man has got the balls to keep all the ladies with him and that too happily enough to leave his sides. Watch the entire video below as he accepts how lucky he is to have all of them in his life and how uch he loves them.

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