She Got Married To Her 69 Year Old Step Father.

Love is nothing, it's just an emotional attachment towards the other person. Love is happening in each and every moment of our life, it's just our perception that how deep we take any particular moment and how deep we get emotionally attached to that particular person. There's nothing like true love or fake love or like or infatuation or one sided love or anything. It's just your emotions and how deep you get connect or attach to that person. I have heard people saying that there is no age of love. Do you really agree?

Sarah, from South Wales, married David, 69-years-old, who also happens to be her stepfather.

28-years-old, who married her stepfather, reveals how they first met at his wedding to her mother.

She revealed that she met David for the first time when she was a teen bridesmaid at her mother’s wedding to David.

Her family didn’t accept her decision for agreeable reasons and to be together with David she had to separate from her family. When She met David she was just 14 and David got to marry Sarah’s mum at that time after the death of his first wife.

Although Sarah’s family didn’t accept the fact that she got married to her stepfather, it didn’t stop her from following her heart. Her family even disowned her. Sarah married David once David’s marriage with her mother failed.

Now to mark the occasion of their 10th Wedding Anniversary they are planning to have their wedding vows renewed and they expect more of friends and relatives would join them this time. Though there’s an age gap of 41 years between them they are happy together.

He then married Sarah at a registry office, 4 years later. Sarah revealed that it was her dream wedding and with the perfect man.

The couple is now celebrating the 10th anniversary, and they own a bouncy castle company together.

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