Incredible Video When A Nurse Entered The Break Room And Found Her Co-worker Digging Through

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You might have read stories about theft, robbery and other unobvious activities done by employees or the staff members of an organization. But, this story is of a registered nurse, named Pam Medina from the Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, situated in a Forest in Richmond, Virginia who when entered the break room, saw one of her fellow nurses taking something that one can never think of.

It was when Pam entered the break room and saw her fellow nurse, Sara, digging through a closet that contained donated baby items. She didn't think this particular co-worker even had a baby. She then asked Sara as to what was going on?

Pam's question forced Sara to break down into tears and she shared her story with her. She revealed as to what was happening in her life these days.

She said, though I have been granted custody of my infant granddaughter, Isabella, but the adoption process happened so suddenly that I had no baby supplies.

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Pam was surprised to know about all this. She went home and decided to post a heartfelt plea on the social media that reached out to local mothers in her area.

And, one day Pam and her husband walked to the hospital and called her coworker out to the parking lot. When she popped open her trunk, the woman stood there sobbing. With this, both the women broke down into tears and embraced.

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