3-Year Old Girl Becomes Internet Hero With Her School Picture Day Outfit

She looks so cute and amazing...

Dressing your kid in any school uniform is probably a waste of money. I think, all parents usually do this with a sense of obligation or for some potential embarrassment fodder to show their kids their pictures when they grow old.

But, not like other school kids, this cute three-year-old girl, named Kaylieann Steinbach doesn't pick her school outfits every morning with some mismatched socks, bright blouses or pants.

Recently, her dad, Austin Steinbach shared her picture being dressed in a very uncommon school outfit on Reddit, where it quickly got attention among millions of users. She looked so awesome and adorable in her school uniform that actually inspired many pre-school parents. All of them were not even surprised to see her dressing like this, but they even started following her choice of outfit.

The little girl studies at Merryhill Preschool in Rocklin, California and always sticks to her favorite theme: superheroes. After getting huge likes over the Internet for two straight weeks, the little girl had been running all around with her bright blue and red velvet superhero school outfit.

Her father shared his views by writing, “Since before she could walk I may or may not have dressed her up in superhero clothes for as long as I could remember,” he told Scary Mommy. “Her mom has always loved it too! But I’m the resident nerd between us.”

Scroll down to see more cute pictures of this superhero doll...

His father also shared that on one day when he and his daughter attended the San Francisco Comic Con, with Kaylieann dressed up as Supergirl, she refused to change her outfit even after returning from there.Although she has an ample number of choices in her wardrobe, she just rejected them all, and choose her favorite spiderman outfit for her school picture day.

The above picture is one of her best shots.

He again said, “To say the Superman doll is her favorite would be an understatement. The world has ended many times due to her not knowing where he is. She even gets to have him sleep with her and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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