These are the 5 intriguing places you will not be allowed to visit.

There are many intriguing corners of the world that the vast majority of us will never have the opportunity to visit.And in every case,each one has its own reason for being so inaccessible. Such places inevitably attract intense interest on part of tourists and adventure seekers: yet they remain almost impossible to reach

#5 Access only to high ranking officials.

#5 Access only to high ranking officials.

Location: Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia

A secret refuge of the US government is the Mount Weather. Concealed underneath the mountain is this FEMA Operations Center. It is fully equipped and capable of running the operations for the country in times of a catastrophe and the consequent emergency situation.

A part of the centre's structures are constructed above the ground and are under administration and guarding of a separate branch of security and emergency services.The centre is governed by its very own rules and outsiders are not allowed to enter.

#4 Provision for storage in times of Catastrophe.

#4 Provision for storage in times of Catastrophe.

Location: Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

In the mountainside of Spitsbergen, a Norwegian island, a tunnel of depth 120 meters has been constructed and a constant temperature of -18°С has been maintained. Minimum humidity and microclimate of the tunnel is under constant supervision by an automated system.

In times of an unforeseen cataclysmic event, this place stands as humanity's last chance at reliving in the natural world. Agricultural inheritance of all over the world is preserved and hence not a single human is allowed access for the fear that mankind's chances of survival might get destroyed.

#3 Special Agenda: Indigenous tribes.

#3 Special Agenda: Indigenous tribes.

Location: Vale do Javari Reservation, Brazil

As it is known, the indigenous tribes have been the residents of Amazon for many centuries now. There are legit proofs of their existence through aerial photographs which suggest they are unperturbed by the outside world.

Around the areas of Vale do Javari Reservation, it's estimated that there are 14 tribes who have absolutely no idea or encounters with the world outside. Their lives revolve around agriculture. There has been a discovery of an incremental eight villages taking the estimated combined population of the tribes well above 2,000

The Authorities in an attempt to protect and preserve the way of living of the indigenous tribes has banned people from accessing Amazon rainforest for an area of 77,000 square kilometres.

More such abandoned places coming up ahead.

#2 No access to the secret society.

#2 No access to the secret society.

Location: Club 33, New Orleans

In the year 1967, the world-famous Walt Disney established a club with the members who were elite public figures, eminent investors, and politicians. All under one roof. The chances of you getting invited to the club are zilch and you wouldn't even find out any clues about the place while passing by it.

The grapevine suggests that it isn't just about the number of members it boosts. For all those curious readers, there are chances you can be a member if you can wait for 14 long years and pay a hefty sum of $10,450 (for individuals) and $27,500 (for companies). Also, there are retain-ship charges of $3,275 for individuals and $6,100 for corporate members.

#1 Protection from effects of unpredictable energy.

#1 Protection from effects of unpredictable energy.

Location: The magnetic island of Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà, the rocky island of Spain, is also one of the Balearic Islands. It is commonly said that this place has the third most powerful degree of geometric force on this planet i.e after the Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole. Surprisingly, this place does not have metal deposits formed from volcanic rock. Technology oscillates here and you cannot trust your compass to point in the right direction.

This mystery of Es Vedrà has many distressing stories to its credit. The Government of Spain has declared it a nature reserve and restricted entry for the locals. However, local Spaniards indulge in illegal excursions to the islands. There is nothing legal than just observing the shore of this mysterious island from the water.

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