Mom Gets Parking Violation, Judge Wants To Charge Her Until He Hears What Her Daughter Says

The age-old argument of how the law should be interpreted. Letter of the law or spirit of the law?

#5 The Judge

  #5 The Judge

Judge Frank Caprio, 80, is a municipal judge in Providence, Rhode Island. He has seen it all when traffic violations and other small claims cases come up. In his television series, “Caught in Providence,” you will see he is merciful and understands that all of us make mistakes.

He ensures people are not being punished too harshly or dealt a blow with their penalty.

#4 Mom violates law

#4 Mom violates law

In the clip, a mother has been summoned because she did not pay a $100 parking ticket or the $200 fine. She attempted to defend her initial decision, parking her car on the street’s sidewalk.

Judge Caprio decided to have a little bit of fun as she stood with one daughter by her side and another in her arms.

#3 Judge wants to have fun in between the trial

  #3 Judge wants to have fun in between the trial

Caprio called the young 6-year-old daughter up to the bench and handed her the microphone.

He began asking her about herself and what her dreams were when she grows up. The most shocking moment was when he asked the young girl to assist him in penalising her mother.

Read on to know how did the young girl assist the judge.

#2 Unique decision

  #2 Unique decision

The young girl told him that she’s hungry because she had spent the morning sitting in the courtroom.

Judge Caprio then makes his decision about how he should punish her mum.

Watch the adorable clip below and find out what happened!

#1 Caprio’s Views

Check out the full video to learn Judge Caprio’s views on the law!

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