How to Make Money from Your Website Using Sekindo

Revenue from a monetized website can be a welcome source of extra cash, or it could be your main source of income. However, with so many different options for monetization, it can be hard to know where to start.

So how can you actually make money from your website, and how does Sekindo help?

Using Sekindo to Achieve Monetization with Style

Sekindo’s experts know exactly how to optimize ads to get you the most revenue possible. They are one of the four most reliable and profitable SSP, and for good reason. They work with well-known brands, and are certified by Google. Also, they are IAB compliant and integrated with DoubleVerify.

Sekindo works with some of the most advanced technology available in digital advertising, making their platform unique. The ads are customizable, making them appealing for all audiences. More than that, Sekindo makes digital advertising on mobile devices easy, covering banners, interstitials, contextual ads, video and interstitials.

Sekindo uses proprietary tools that maximize revenue and make website monetization easy. Site owners can rest assured that the ads on their websites are targeting their audience and are placed with sleek and seamless design integration. They boast the best yield optimization and highest CPM rates.

Ways to Monetize Your Website

There are various ways to earn revenue from a website and Sekindo fits in all of them. For example, a very common way to earn revenue from content is by doing sponsored posts. This means that you work with a company to write content about their product or service, giving them a good review and recommending them to your readers.

Affiliate marketing is a similar road to website monetization. In this case, you become an affiliate of the company, thus recommending their products and services and adding special links within your posts to the company’s website. They pay you a commission every time one of your readers purchases something due to your recommendation.

However, one of the most common methods to site monetization is through advertisements. You place different advertisements throughout your site, and earn money either for clicks or views. CPC Ads, or ‘cost per click’ ads, give you revenue every time a reader clicks on the advertisement. CPM Ads, or ‘cost per thousand impressions’, pay you for the times that the advertisements are seen.

Either way, building up your site’s visibility means more people will view and/or click on these advertisements, leading to a new source of revenue for you!

However, this does not mean that you can just leave ads on your website and hope for the best. Many websites use services like AdSense and just place them in the page without thought to design or user experience. This can limit the revenue you’re getting from ads, and thus your overall income.

With Sekindo, the ads work for you, not against you.

When ads are badly placed, they distract readers from the content of the pages, or frustrate their reading experience. If the design doesn’t fit with your website, or if incessant popups attack your readers, people won’t be attracted to your content or company. This means your website will be getting a higher bounce rate.

Besides placement, it’s also important to think about how the ads are targeted. Do the ads that are displayed on your website actually appeal to your audience? If not, you’ll be unlikely to make any real revenue from the ads, thus making them a bit pointless.

Placement, design, and targeting are all fundamental attributes to consider when placing ads on your website. If you’re looking to monetize your site, you might be wondering: how can I make sure that the ads I place on my website are appealing to my audience, not frustrating or distracting?

Sekindo for Advertisers

As part of Universal McCann, Sekindo has expert knowledge of industry trends in optimizing advertising performance. They work with the best publishers to gain the most visibility for advertisers around the world.

With billions of impressions served by Sekindo ads every month, advertisers can trust that their ROI will increase substantially. Sekindo knows how to deliver the best quality video advertising on any platform (including mobile!).

With sophisticated marketing skills and technology, Sekindo has what it takes to create the ideal campaign for any brand. The perfect strategy will be built with help from over 70 industry experts who know exactly where and how to place your ads. With versatile mobile ads, Sekindo keeps up with advancing technology in order to boost your ROI.

Sekindo is a forerunner in the digital marketing industry, with expertise in a wide range of online advertising methods and technology that beats the competition. They work together with publishers and advertisers, making the most of modern technology to create the highest revenue or ROI for each of their clients, big or small.

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