Couple Coverts An Old Truck Into A Luxury Home

For most of us, buying even the smallest house seems like a far-fetched fantasy. But this young couple from Nottingham, UK, have decided to do things their way. As the two love to travel and their jobs include being outdoors – they decided that they needed a mobile home which could travel together with them. So, after “a few beers,” an idea came to Martin’s head – he should buy “a big American truck.” It turns out; it wasn’t just a crazy thought to be quickly washed away by a hangover – Martin and Iona started planning on getting a truck in which they could live in.

Iona and Martin went on eBay and found a truck, which was previously used for delivering bread, for just a £3,600 (approximately $4,670). However, to fully complete the renovation and turn the delivery truck into a liveable, tiny house was no easy task. While Martin did most of the laboring, Iona took care of the interior design. The couple worked on the project full-time, and it took four months to complete. Now, they are enjoying their beautiful house on wheels and mountain views in France. Scroll down below to see the amazing home project that the couple did by transforming an old truck into a stylish home.

They’re British, and they love to travel, so buying a conventional home seemed like a bad decision. Also, they were incredibly worried about the impact of Brexit on any purchase they made.

Recently, the travelling couple decided to buy an old Hovis delivery truck which they could use both for travelling and living

They bought it on Ebay for a mere £3,600 (approximately $4,670)

The couple spent £20,000 (about $25,900) on the renovation

Although from the outside, it doesn’t look anything special… …the inside of the truck has been transformed into a cozy and comfortable home

After a few weeks of planning, sketching and estimating, they came to a budget of $25,000. Luckily, Martin had had a handy career, so he thought that he could put anything together. Iona was skilled with interior decoration, so she took charge of that. Their talents blended together perfectly. They spent four months off of work, dedicating themselves to the truck. But eventually, they ended up with a space that can only be described as stunning.

From the outside, it looks like a weird mixed breed of truck and RV. It’s got the windows and door of an RV but the frame of a truck. The house is fully furnished and has everything you might need

While Martin did most of the labouring, Iona designed the interior of the truck

Just down from the kitchen is the lounge. It has a wood burning fireplace installed that will keep them warm throughout the night. There’s also an L shaped couch that turns into a bed.

But that bed isn’t for the couple. Like people who live in apartments, the sofabed is for their guests.

Most people wouldn’t consider the bedroom huge, but then there are plenty of people in New York who pay thousands of dollars a month for much smaller bedrooms.

Iona has painted pictures into the truck and implemented other personal touches.

We bought the lorry in May this year. We spent four months working on it full-time”

Shortly after finishing their major renovation, Martin and Iona decided to use the truck to its full extent.

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