Did You Know Elvis Presley Had A Granddaughter?! Boy, She Sure Is A Beauty.

All grown up and rocking it!

#5 The King Of Rock And Roll

#5 The King Of Rock And Roll

Is what Elvis Presley has been and will always be! That's all what people know about him as well.

He was one of the most popular and renowned cultural icons of the 20th century.

Not to forget the most versatile musician and actor of that era!

Elvis was one of the best-selling solo artists in the history of recorded music with an estimated record sale of 600 million units worldwide.

Elvis was the winner of three Grammys who became a part of the hall of fame many a times and he had created a record in every field he could as a 'star'.

I bet you thought you knew everything about him...

But did you know, he has a granddaughter named Riley Keough, an American model and actress who is beautiful, gorgeous and like..Wow?

The extremely talented actress has inherited Elvis's talents and has become the 'talk of the town'!

Read on to know more!

#4 Riley is Elvis's Eldest Granddaughter!

#4 Riley is Elvis's Eldest Granddaughter!

But first! Let's talk about her mother!

That mean's Elvis's daughter!

Lisa Marie is the only child of Elvis and Priscilla. She was born on February 1, 1968. Elvis died when Lisa Marie was hardly 9 years old.

Lisa Marie walked in the footsteps of her father and became a singer-songwriter and an actress!

She inherited her father's looks as well as his estate and has had a long career in the music industry and released numerous albums and videos.Her work as a vocalist and lyricist has ranged across different genres like rock, country, blues, and folk.

She sure got her father's talents!

#3 Riley is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough.

#3 Riley is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough.

Lisa married Ugandan born South African actor Danny Keough in October 3, 1988.

They had two children, Danielle Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough before Lisa and Danny parted ways in 1994.

So, that means Elvis has a grandson too!

Riley got her mom and granddad's looks and quite honestly is killing it!

Keep reading to see how she looks now!

#2 Riley Keough!

#2 Riley Keough!

Here she is!

Ain't she a beauty?

Riley likes to be known by her middle name rather than her first, since she wanted to overcome the memories of her mom being married to Michael Jackson for about two years.

Riley is also a musician!

Riley Keough made her first film debut in a movie called 'The Runaways'. She has gone on to play major roles in movies like The Good Doctor, Magic Mike, Yellow and many more. She was recently seen in the Mad Max movie.

So, what has Riley been up to recently?

#1 Riley is married to Australian stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen!

#1 Riley is married to Australian stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen!

They both met in 2012 when filming for the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

They got married in 2015!

And Riley's career has been growing!

Keough was announced as the lead role in the TV series 'The Girlfriend Experience', based on the film of the same name from director Steven Soderbergh in 2014!

And has landed many movie roles as well!

Here's wishing this Goddess Of Beauty good luck!

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