You'll Be Surprised To Hear Why Did The Daughter Lie To Her Parents About Where Her Lunch Is Going

Let's face it; we are probably all guilty of some type of 'sneaking around' when we were younger. We may have even thought we were justified at the time and come up with all kinds of reasons to explain our misbehavior.

It is commonly seen that the sneaky behaviour and lying becomes the “method” for the kids to solve problems which are not a good or effective method – but a method to solve their problem.

Despite how common this is, sneaky behaviour and lying are some of the hardest issues for parents to deal with, especially parents who aim to be loving and caring.

These are the times when parents need to be able to step back, look at the behaviour, and not take it personally. Even though the behaviour may not be okay, it doesn’t make your child a “bad” child.

One such incident happened with a couple who became anxious and concerned about sudden changes in their daughter’s behaviour. She was always supposed to be a good student but one day was caught lying without any regrets.

Simply stressing the right and wrong nature of lying isn’t usually in itself helpful, either. The most effective response is to address the behaviour, lay out the consequences, and help your child learn ways out.

Helpless parents thought of approaching a teacher for help since they failed to figure out as to what was really going wrong with their daughter.

It’s important to understand that most children are not dishonest; they lie because they solve their problem. They may lie to get out of a consequence, thinking that’s going to work and it’s the best.

However, the teacher tried to research and finally came out with the reason about his student which not only moved the parents but the story shared on the internet has also gone viral.

Katie’s third-grade teacher Mr D had always admired her for her good performer, though not like an example for other students of the class yet a brilliant one. This is the reason why he became all the more worried when he saw her parents in trouble.

Mr D believed that “She worked hard, loved learning, did her homework, had concerned and active parents, was attentive and a risk taker, and she was never, ever a discipline problem.”

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However, one fine day Mr D got a call from Katie’s parents who begged him for his help. Her mother and father explained the teacher in detail about the problem and said that they never allowed Katie to buy snacks from the cafeteria in school and still she has a huge cafeteria bill piled up.

Poor mother couldn’t understand why was Katie behaving in such a manner even when she was given a homemade lunch every morning. Mr D and Katie’s perplexed parents were still unclear as to why Katie would be taking up extra items from the cafeteria and add up to her parent’s bill.

When the child has been sneaking around or has been caught lying, it’s important to call them on it right away, remind them that the behaviour is unacceptable, discuss alternative problem-solving methods.

The same approach was followed by Katie’s parents, they sat down with Katie to figure out why is she behaving in a manner that is not acceptable.

And here, it was – she began lying which made the parents rage in anger and they opted to ask her teacher Mr D for help. “It was so unlike Katie to purposefully misbehave, and it was totally out of character for her to ignore her parents,” Mr D recalled.

Mr. D started on his investigation process and on asking the lady in the cafeteria if she was aware of what was happening. It is in that instance that the lady told him that Katie is charged with a lunch that she every day carries to the table to eat.

Shocked Mr. D thought to himself and said, “I had seen the lunches Katie brought and had thought to myself that I wouldn’t mind if her mom packed me a lunch once in awhile.”

Mr D made Katie wait back in the classroom during the recess time to ask some questions but Katie gave him the same stubborn glance that she earlier shared with her parents. Despite Mr D giving her the stern ‘disappointed teacher’ look back she refused, to tell the truth.

When Mr D tried to investigate further as to why was she taking up lunch she bluntly stated that she needed it. On further asking as to where were the lunches that were given to her by her mom she countered back and said that she lost it and lost it every single day.

Ignored, confused Mr D stood there after Katie openly ignored him, but he still believed that surely there was something that wasn’t right and wondered if someone was trying to bully her and steal her lunch.

Mr D was taken aback when Katie sternly told him that, “No one is stealing my lunch, Mr D. I just lose it.”

The school where Katie was studying has a law that states that a student with no lunch must be provided with one.

Later, the family gets billed for the lunch provided to the students from the school cafeteria, unless the family qualifies for free or reduced lunch. Surely, under which Katie’s family doesn’t fall.

Mr D had lost all hopes and he felt that there was nothing he could do to help Katie and her parents, until he noticed a boy, who had joined the school recently, eating alone at the lunch table.

It was then Mr D noticed that the bag from which the boy was eating had “Katie” name written on it.

Mr D had got caught hold of all the fragments and there he was stitching up the unclear story and discovered that the new boy and Katie secretly made a pact.

The boy did not belong to a very well off family and hence they couldn’t afford to buy him a lunch daily from the cafeteria hence to avoid his parents from getting into trouble he wouldn’t charge a meal from the school cafeteria. Hence, Katie, every day made sure that he had something, therefore, she used to lend him her homemade lunch.

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Realising the whole story, Mr D told her parents every detail of it which made them proud of their child. Mr D even told them that, “She didn’t care that her parents had grounded her,” what all mattered for her was that the boy had his food.

“She didn’t care that I was disappointed in her. She didn’t care about any of these things as she cared about a little boy who was hungry and scared and keeping his embarrassment a secret.”

“And every day, as she heads out the door, her mom hands her a delicious homemade lunch,” while “Katie still buys lunch every day at school.”

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